Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fabulous Friday 2009


October 16th 7:00-11:30
Duthie Hill Building

Sign-up deadline and money will be due to Melynda Cook by September 30th

The RS will give you a free TP burner just for coming!(we couldn't have an enrichment activity without something emergency preparedness!)

Christmas Countdown Blocks:
cost: $8.00

completion time: 1 hour

Countdown to Christmas with these Chunky Blocks!


I am a "Child of God" or "Families can be Together Forever" Quiet books:cost: $3.50 each

completion time: 1 hr each

Each book contains 12 pages of pictures. Please choose which book you want. You will also need to provide 11 pictures (I am a Child of God book), or 12 pictures (Families can be Together Forever book). We provide everything else!


Marshmallow Gun
Cost: $3.50
Completion Time: 5 minutes
(or take it home for your kids to put together)

Something a little fun! These little guns come together in no time!! You can also move the parts around to make your gun unique. Once it's together simply drop in the marshmallow, aim and blow!


String Bookmark

completion time: 30 minutes

A great gift for anyone who loves to read. The string simply takes the place of the bookmark while the beads hang decoratively over the edge of the book. We will also provide a small plastic bag and quote to gift it in!


T.P Burner
Cost: $3.00

Completion time: 15 minutes

Our emergency preparedness item for the night. These little burners can provide a small heat source for 6-8 hours in an emergency. Great for car kits and 24-hr kits. Remember you get one FREE just for coming to Fabulous Friday


Chunky Magnet Board
cost: $20.00

completion time: 1 hour + (depending on how ornate you want to be)

Use one in your kitchen, pantry, office, or your child's room to hang schoolwork on. We will provide black and white paint. If you want to personalize it further please bring your own supplies. ***THE ACTUAL SIZE OF THESE WILL BE A LARGER RECTANGLE. IF YOU PREFER THE SMALLER SQUARE PLEASE LET MELYNDA COOK KNOW.


Framed Silhouette with Decorative Matte
cost: $7.00
completion time: 40 minutes

Do one for yourself, your family or as a gift for a family member. Frame is included. You will just need to email Britney Rule (britneyrule@gmail.com), a side profile picture for the silhouette that you would like.

Bottle cap Necklaces cost: $3.50
completion time: 20 minutes

A great gift! If you would like to personalize yours more than what is provided please bring it that night. Item should be smaller than one inch.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fabulous Friday

Fabulous Friday is November 14th at the Duthie Hill building
Here are the projects we are offering this year. Below each picture is the price and a description. We will also have the projects displayed at Church on Sunday. Money is due by the 28th of Oct. If you are interested in a project you can comment or email me at issaquah5enrichment@gmail.com . We will also have sign-ups at church

Soaps with words. $3.00 each. Please specify if you would like the Thank you or the Christmas one.

Chalk Board/key rack: $17.00 Chalk board to hang on the wall with an embellishment at the top.
Noel Blocks: $3.00(for the set)

Tile Picture Collage: $13.00 You will need to provide you own pictures.

Jewelry and re jeweled: Make a bracelet with your own trinkets from home or choose one of our designs. Cost is $10.00 or less if you bring your own supplies. Please specify when signing up if you will be needing all our supplies or will be bringing your own.